Apple's Health Coach, GPT-4 Shenanigans & TikTok's AI Makeovers

AI Angst Newsletter #0004


This week, we explore Apple's upcoming AI-powered health coaching service, an intriguing GPT-4 project, and TikTok's dive into AI-generated profile pictures. Grab your favorite beverage and join us as we dive into these cutting-edge stories, giving you a glimpse into the future of tech!

The AI Angst

🍏 Apple's Upcoming AI Health Coach: Quartz, the Fitness Fairy Godmother

In an effort to make us even more reliant on their products, Apple is reportedly working on an AI-powered health coaching service named Quartz. Aimed at helping users exercise, eat healthier, and sleep better, this service will use data from your Apple Watch to develop tailored coaching programs. No pressure, but it's expected to launch next year, for a monthly fee, of course. Also, keep an eye out for the Health app's new emotion-tracking tools and vision management features. A shiny new iPad Health app is set to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

πŸ€– ChatGPT Update: Control Freaks Rejoice!

ChatGPT users can now toggle off chat history, deciding which convos are used to train models. Plus, data exporting is easier than ever! Business subscription coming soon!

πŸŽ“ The Great GPT-4 Heist: A 'Free' Pass to OpenAI's Latest Model

A computer science student has developed GPT4Free, reverse-engineering OpenAI's GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 APIs to provide free access, violating OpenAI's terms of service. In the name of "education," the developer uses the same protocol as paid customers, tricking the OpenAI API into believing requests are legit. Clever, but still illegal.

🀳 TikTok's AI Makeover: Pout, Pose, Prisma-fy!

TikTok is testing a feature that generates AI profile pictures, inspired by Prisma Labs' Lensa app. Submit a few photos and pick a style, and voilaβ€”your AI-enhanced avatar awaits!

πŸ’‘ Replit's Big Bucks: The AI Unicorn Taking on GitHub

Replit, a startup that combines AI with software development, closed a $97.4 million fundraising round, valuing the company at $1.2 billion. With 22.5 million developers, Replit aims to host mission-critical apps and power entire teams. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz and Khosla Ventures.

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ UK's AI Dream Team: A Β£100 Million Investment in Foundation Model Taskforce

The UK government is investing Β£100 million to create a Foundation Model Taskforce, developing trustworthy AI for public services, medical treatments, and climate change. The goal? A sovereign AI technology that's globally competitive and ethically sound.

πŸ€— HuggingChat: An Open-Source, Privacy-Savvy ChatGPT Alternative

HuggingChat, an open-source alternative to ChatGPT, prioritizes privacy and community-driven model training. Messages are stored for display purposes only, and users are not authenticated. Future versions may allow users to share conversations for improved model training.

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ HARPA AI: Your ChatGPT-Powered Web Assistant

HARPA AI is a customizable Chrome extension that uses ChatGPT and machine learning to automate tasks on the web. From AI-generated answers to SEO-optimized articles, HARPA's got your back. It's optimized for performance and privacy by design, supporting Google, Baidu, and Bing search engines.

πŸ” Perplexity AI: Your One-Stop Knowledge Hub

Perplexity AI offers quick access to a wealth of information, covering everything from biomes and Restless Leg Syndrome to minimalism, autism diagnosis, and Amber Heard's return in Aquaman. Get ready to unlock knowledge through information discovery and sharing!

πŸ• Bark: The Transformer-based Text-to-Audio Marvel

Suno's Bark is a game-changing transformer-based text-to-audio model, capable of generating highly realistic, multilingual speech, as well as music, background noise, and simple sound effects. Clone voices and even manipulate tone, pitch, emotion, and prosody with this versatile model. It works on both CPU and GPU, generating audio in near real-time on modern GPUs and PyTorch nightly.

Bark Examples:

🎡 AudioGPT: The Open-Source Audio Wizard

AudioGPT is an open-source project for understanding and generating speech, music, sound, and talking heads. The project currently supports a wide array of tasks, including text-to-speech, style transfer, speech recognition, and much more.

πŸ—£οΈ Whisper JAX: A Speedy Take on OpenAI's Whisper Model

GitHub user sanchit-gandhi has shared a repository on Whisper JAX, an optimized JAX code for OpenAI's Whisper model, built on the Hugging Face Transformers Whisper implementation. Compatible with CPU, GPU, and TPU, this code runs over 70x faster than OpenAI's PyTorch implementation.

🎨 DeepFloyd IF: Text-to-Image Magic

DeepFloyd Lab at StabilityAI introduces DeepFloyd IF, a cutting-edge text-to-image model that generates high-resolution, photorealistic images with impressive language understanding. With minimal requirements, users can integrate IF with the Hugging Face Diffusers library and access various modes like Dream, Style Transfer, and Super Resolution.

The Wrap Up

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