Sync your Ghost blog with Twitter and Mastodon

Things getting updated up in here.

Sync your Ghost blog with Twitter and Mastodon

This is an update to a previous post I made last year in how to automate your posts to one of the social networks via the API's. I recently joined a Mastodon server and wanted to be able to publish to it easily.

The New Updated Repo:

The Above Average Jeremy / ghost_blog_sync · GitLab
This is a little script that will grab old Ghost blog posts and the post them to Twitter and Mastodon via APIs

As I am not a super-uber-blogger, so I just set the crontab to run the script every few hours, and then it posts to my Twitter and Mastodon accounts. In the previous version I had LinkedIn setup, but have since deleted my account over there.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me on Mastodon.


Previous outdated post:

Sync your Ghost blog with Twitter and Linkedin [aka build your own Zapier]
Zapier is great, I just wanted to see if I can build something myself and self host it.

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